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New style autumn nobility ms silk pajamas household nightgown/women gown/nighty/pyjamasNO03

USD 35.19 ~ USD 52.21 / Piece
Wholesale Price:
Quantity (Piece ) Price (Piece ) Handling time
1 --- 2 USD 51.89 ~ USD 52.21 1 (D)
3 --- 4 USD 50.13 ~ USD 50.45 1 (D)
5 --- 10 USD 43.24 ~ USD 44.44 1 (D)
11 --- 30 USD 38.30 ~ USD 39.96 1 (D)
31 --- 50 USD 37.26 1 (D)
51 --- 219 USD 35.19 2 (D)
220 --- 222 USD 35.19 2 (D)
223 --- 1000 USD 35.19 2 (D)
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Shipping Cost:
Total Price:

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Supplier Information
ID:  Makeup-Series  
Positive Feedback : 100.0%
Completed Orders: 1683
Location: Beijing
Member Since: 2010-04-22

Supplier Information
  • Product Name:New style autumn nobility ms silk pajamas household nightgown/women gown/nighty/pyjamasNO03
  • Effective:2015-05-17 - 2016-05-17
  • Item Code:g167314148
  • Catalog:Women's Sleepwear
  • Package Size:10 * 10 * 3 ( cm )
  • G.W./package:1.000 (kg)
  • Short Description:
This seller did well. Communication was good and seller was very accommodating to my wishes. Product is beautiful and sounds good overall, despite minor fret buzz in spots and several careless mistakes made by the factory. No fault of the seller. Buyer:GTR*** Aug-17-14 08:38
Good Buyer:*** Aug-04-14 19:09
Good Buyer:*** Aug-04-14 19:07
Thanks to the supplier (Makeup-Series) for taking on the order after the original supplier was unable to proceed with the order. The guitar is great. Buyer:JohnStew*** Jul-29-14 09:09
Buyer:Cy*** Jul-26-14 22:55
Slow shipping but good product Buyer:sammybo*** Jul-24-14 05:04
Buyer:ghstra*** Jul-13-14 12:31
Buyer:hel*** Jul-05-14 12:31
Inexecutable orders have been rated as Negative automatically Buyer:charl*** Jul-03-14 10:51
Buyer:angel*** Jul-02-14 07:31

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