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Wholesale SK-001 Speaker Box Support USB Flash Driver, TF card, Torch Light, FM

USD 859.05 ~ USD 869.40 / lot ( 60 Pieces per lot)
Cost per item:
USD 14.32 ~ USD 14.49 each ( Not sold individually )
Wholesale Price:
Quantity (lot ( 60 Pieces per lot)) Price (lot ( 60 Pieces per lot)) Handling time
1 --- 5 USD 869.40 2 (D)
6 --- 10 USD 867.33 2 (D)
11 --- 20 USD 865.26 2 (D)
21 --- 49 USD 863.19 3 (D)
50 --- 100 USD 859.05 3 (D)
Price depends on item quantity,type in quantity below for trade price

lot ( 60 Pieces per lot)
Shipping Cost:
Total Price:

x + USD =

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Supplier Information
ID:  skyzona
Positive Feedback : 100 %
Completed Orders: 613
Location: Guangdong
Member Since: 2010-06-17

Supplier Information
  • Product Name:Wholesale SK-001 Speaker Box Support USB Flash Driver, TF card, Torch Light, FM
  • Effective:2013-02-15 - 2013-03-17
  • Item Code:g157476815
  • Catalog:Speakers & Subwoofers
  • Package Size:10 * 10 * 3 ( cm )
  • G.W./package:15.000 (kg)
  • Short Description:
Buyer:ayme*** Jan-04-14 12:32
Buyer:Jlea*** Oct-30-13 12:30
Buyer:Jlea*** Oct-30-13 12:30
Buyer:ayme*** Aug-29-13 12:30
I will be back Buyer:pfasunn*** Aug-22-13 06:01
Buyer:kysteele*** Jul-17-13 12:30
Buyer:mbarib1*** Jul-04-13 12:32
Buyer:ayme*** Jun-20-13 12:31
Buyer:ER*** May-17-13 05:53
Buyer:ER*** May-16-13 12:24

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